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New essay on the life of Joachim Gijsen (Guysen) in the works!

posted Aug 19, 2012, 6:39 AM by Sean Staats
Timothy Staats, author of "Abram Staes: Progenitor of the Staats Family of Albany," has completed his research on the legendary Joachim Gijsen.  He received much assistance from some Dutch researchers who found a goldmine of information about Gijsen.  Timothy has almost completed the essay, but cannot say for sure where it will be published nor when, although it should be in 2011.  He has left the following gem of information about Gijsen's daughter Jochemse to create some excitement:

In 1642, before Abram Staes and Tryjntje Jochemse left for Fort Orange, they filed with a notary..a which they leave their belongings to family. Tryjntje leaves her belongings to both her mother and father. Therefore Gijsen is still alive in 1642. Since the notarial file is so close to the time they is strong evidence that Abram and Tryjntje travelled together. I doubt we will ever know for sure...but the evidence they travelled together is now almost overwhelming.

Tim, we certainly appreciate your hard work and look forward to reading about this long-time family legend!